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Located in downtown Sarasota, Pangea Lounge was launched in 2010 and brought the Gulf Coast a world of seasonal handmade craft cocktails in a relaxed European-style lounge setting. Utilizing the freshest ingredients and modern techniques, our liquid chefs are constantly creating new and imaginative drinks. Our award winning bartenders are versed in the fundamental art of American mixology, so whether you prefer old school or new age cocktails, you are guaranteed to find your style of libation at the Alchemy Lab.
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Pangea Alchemy Lounge
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Bartender Apprentice

"I am radiating self love

and abundance"

It's not often that you find  a young woman with a medical background who loves the food industry. But that's the story of Cloey Narciso. This bright young woman has been an Emergency Medical Technician and has had years of training in nursing.

However, she's also worked in the restaurant industry in Massachusetts and Florida,  and found that she loves the profession---especially the cross-training she's getting from her teamates-- in Melange and in Pangea.

"I've learned a lot from them", she says, "dealing with food service, the knowledge of the many mixtures of alcohol and cocktails, the art of bartending and, most of all, how important it is to treat the customers with respect."

Cloey is learning about the higher end of restaurant hospitality and enjoys her profession so much that, when she walks in the door, "I don't feel like I'm working---I'm just enjoying the experience".

Cloey feels like she's part of a team---and that team experience is what makes Melange and Pangea so successful.


BarSmarts Wired




Tylor spent his early childhood in New Hampshire, and served in the Army. But, after the strictures of military life, Tylor wanted "something more relaxed". He found that calling with five years experience bartending in Jacksonville.

Armed with that background when he came to Sarasota, Tylor was looking to work his profession in an establishment that was "more interesting than a regular bar".  His search brought him to the "hidden neighborhood haunt " known as Pangea Alchemy Lab. The companies emphasis of cross-training all teammates appealed to Tylor. "I've learned tons of things from the team", he says.

He says he loves the way his bosses are nurturing an operation where employees truly believe they are part of a team. "I chose a place in which I could enjoy working---and Melange and Pangea are filling that bill."




what is in title?

Acolyte An acolyte is an individual who has just begun the rigorous journey of becoming a Pangea Alchemy Lab bartender.  Every member of Pangea Alchemy Lab starts as an acolyte and earns their way behind our bar.  Candidates with this title have a proven passion for the hospitality industry and have agreed to uphold the standard of service demanded by the Alchemy Lab team.


Bar Apprentice – A bar apprentice is an individual who is driven by their passion to learn about the spirits industry and become a career professional bartender.  They have passed Bar Smarts, an online written exam, and have begun their journey training behind the Pangea Alchemy Lab bar.

Bartender – Being a Pangea bartender is an honor and the highest accomplishment.  The title means that the individual has proven their passion and knowledge for craft bartending and have also shown the drive to become a hospitality professional.  These individuals have also proven their knowledge and skills through rigorous written and practical exams at Pangea.  They are trained in both the modern and classic art of crafting cocktails.