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Alchemy Acclimation

" happy hour "

a time of transition between work and home


DAQUIRI(classic served straight up)

silver rum,  fresh lime, simple syrup 

OLD FASHIONED(a bittered sling)

Bourbon whiskey, demerara, orange & aromatic bitters 

MOJITO(Cuba's very own)

silver rum,  fresh lime, fresh mint, simple syrup, soda water

TOM COLLINS(trouble maker)

gin,  fresh lemon, simple syrup, soda water

ADONIS(low octane, high flavor)

sweet vermouth, dry sack sherry, orange bitters

CORPSE REVIVER #2(19th Century hangover helper)

gin,  fresh lemon, orange cordial, aromatized wine 


JULEP(pre-Civil War recipe)

Cognac, Jamaican rum, simple syrup, fresh mint 

CLOVER CLUB(fit for Philadelphia journalists)

gin, dry vermouth, fresh lemon, raspberry syrup, egg white 


 MARGARITA(a Mexican daisy)

silver Tequila,  fresh lime, orange cordial 

DRY MARTINI(original  recipe)

gin, French vermouth, orange bitters 

SIDECAR(art-deco cocktail)

cognac, fresh lemon, orange cordial, sugar rim 


gin, fresh lemon, maraschino, crème de violette

NEW YORK BRANDY SOUR(cocktail & wine in one)

Cognac, fresh lemon, orange, simple syrup, float of red wine

MANHATTAN(5th Ave Style)

whiskey, Italian vermouth, bitters 

Discounted Craft Cocktails OFFERED WED, THURS & SUN 6pm until 8pm


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