Dracunculus (Lil Dragon) Elixir

(an interactive refreshing spring sipper) -BC
bison grass vodak, Tequila, fresh lemon, watermelon agua fresca, tarragon elixir 14 


Spring Moon

(exotic sweet tart with a light creamy texture) -BC
pittorro (Puerto Rican moonshine), cream soda syrup, fresh lemon, egg white, dash lactic acid 12.75


Babies Breath

(sweet and sour with grape and white flower aromas) -BC
pisco "unaged Peruvian brandy" , pink peppercorn simple syrup, fresh lemon, aqua faba (vegan emulsifier), dash Peychaud’s bitters 12.25


Butterfly Kissed

(magical floral aromas and whimsical creaminess) -CN
butterfly pea flower infused rum, pineapple weed honey syrup. fresh lemon, oat milk, vanilla cold foam


Palm Chat

(tiki style with a Dominican flair) -BC
mama juana spiced dark rum, aperitivo liqueur, fresh lime, pineapple juice 12.5


Mellow Rose

(iced coffee cocktail with rose and marshmallow) - FM
rose infused vodka, marshmallow vodka, rose bud liqueur, cream, cold brew, rose flavored fluff cloud 13.5

Princess and the Pea limited availability

(daily dose of vege’s for your inner princess) -BC
gin, pea syrup, genepy alpine liqueur, fresh lime, dash celery shrub 10.5 

Silk Road limited availability

(a smooth,  fruity , floral oldfasioned with class) -BC
apricot infused Cognac, orgeat, dash tiki bitters 13.5 

Summer Cocktails