Spring Cocktails


MANCHURIA (lightly tart, clean fruit with a slight hint of umami)
sudachi sho chu (Japanese“vodka”), Bai Jiu (Chinese“vodka”), watermelon water, fresh lemon, white miso syrup


SPRING MOON (puckering tropical fruit with a lil vanilla that will make you say wepaa) local Puerto Rican moonshine style rum, passion fruit puree, cream soda syrup, lactic acid, egg white  12


IMBOLC (fresh spring pear flavor for your inner hippy)
unaged Irish whiskey, Pear L’eau de Vie, simple syrup, pink “stuice”, spiralina

BAD BUNNY (big apple, forty carrots fit for a rock star) dark rum, apple whiskey, fresh lime, simple syrup, fresh carrot juice 11.5


GRAPE EXPECTATIONS (flavor of grape with aroma white flowers) pisco, gin, pink vermouth, fresh lemon, concord grape syrup, honey espuma 13.5

SUBLIME (smoked out in a luau, liquid ham in Hawaii, taste it) 
ham infused coconut rum, pineapple rum, smoked rum, clove sugar rim

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