Winter Cocktails

PURPLE HAZE (fluffy fig and berries with a light show)

hibiscus infused port, overproof Jamaican rum, creme de cassis, egg white, plum bitters 10.75


BARREL O... (silky banana and baking spice)

brown butter rum, banana cream, allspice drambuie,

walnut bitters  12.25


SLEIGH RYED (boozy mouth watering old fashioned)

rye whiskey, spiced sour cherry syrup, chocolate

and orange bitters 11


HOLIDAY HEAD served hot (spicy hot chocolate)

cinnamon tequila, habanero chocolate, maple syrup,

coconut milk, almond milk.  11.75


N.O.G. (nectar of gods-sweet creamy goodness)

local dark rum, Cognac, PX sherry, salted caramel, almond milk, cream, egg, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg  12

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