Classic Cocktails

crafted since 2010

LYCHEE(tropical fruit, light, easy drinking) 
pineapple infused vodka, lychee sake, pineapple juice 10

BLUE MULE(light tartness with lingering ginger spice)
vodka, fresh lime juice, alchemy lab ginger beer, blueberry cubes 12

NOT MICHAEL'S TWIST(tropical earthiness with a citrus scent)
gin, elderflower liqueur, green tea, fresh grapefruit juice

CHAI(creamy cinnamon and spiced tea)

vanilla lavender vodka, spiced chai, cream, cinnamon 10

CAT DADDY FLIP(tangerine, cardamom flavored milk shake)
cardamom cognac, spiced rum, tangerine syrup, egg, nutmeg

SIR SAZERAC(stiff bourbon up front, sweet maple finish)
earl grey infused bourbon, absinthe rinse, demerara syrup, 
orange bitters, maple syrup cube

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