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Green Mark (Russia) wheat 6
Tito's (TX) corn 7
Beluga (Russia) grain 9
Belvedere Unfiltered (Poland) rye 11.75
Zodiac (ID) potato 6.25
Iichiko (Japan) rice & barley 6.50
Ketel One (Netherlands) wheat 9.50
Awa No Kaori (Japan) rice & sudachi 7.25
Crop Cucmber (MN) organic corn 9.00
Alchemy Lab Mixed Berry (SRQ) wheat & berries 7
Alchemy Lab Pineapple (SRQ) wheat & pineapple 7
Alchemy Lab Vanilla Lavender (SRQ) wheat, vanilla,  lavender 7
Linie (Norway) potato, caraway & anise seed 8.50
Zubrowki Zu Bison Grass (Poland) rye & bison grass 6.75
bitter orange & herbs 3
Charred Grapefruit 
smoky citrus 2
Fords (London) "white lady",  juniper forward 6
St. Augustine (FL) mandarin orange with pine 9.25
Wheelers (NM) aromatic with bright sage 8.75
Hayman's (England) silky orange, citrus w/spice 7.50
Ransom (OR) malt w/fruit, spice & light leather 10.00
Plymouth (England) smooth flavor w/ strong juniper&  citrus 10.25
Hendrick's (Scotland) light juniper w/ high notes of cucumber & rose 9.25
Smalls (OR) aromatic with bright sage 8.75
Tanqueray 10 (England) light lime, robust grapefruit w/ a hint of coriander 9.50
Uncle Val's (CA) heavy on the lime w/ lavender & cucumber accents 10.00
Bols Genever (Holland) bready malt w/ lots of spice & light citrus scents 9.50
Corsair (TN) juniper forward w/ lemon, orange & candied walnuts 9.00
Smooth Ambler (WV) light juniper, carmelized orange rind & oak 11.00
Alchemy Lab Duck Fat (SRQ) savory, full bodied richness 7.00
Fever Tree
fresh, clean citrus 3.50
Jack Rudy Small Batch
original...but better! 2.00
Jack Rudy Elderflower
sweet floral, lightly bitter 2.00
Fever Tree Bitter Lemon
bitter lemons & quinine 3.50
Fever Tree Bitter Mediterranean
lil' thyme, fresh citrus & hints of rosemary  3.50
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