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menu offered until 2am daily



Cajun Fries   (cut thin served crispy)

roasted poblano pepper dipping sauce  7

Chicken & Waffles   (look out Roscoe's!)

guajillo berry jam, salted PX maple syrup  18

Grilled Cheese   (for your inner spoiled brat)

three cheeses, bacon, red peppers, smoked ranch  10

 Spicy Tuna Avocado    (mini raw tuna tostadas)

ahi tuna, sriracha mayo, on crispy wontons  14

Rangoons   (full of krab & cream cheese)

guava dipping sauce  10

Duck Spring Rolls  (mmm, mmm...crispy)

apricot spice sauce  10

Fried Smelt  (little fish snacks)

cilantro sour cream sauce  12

Cheeseburger  (smokey goodness)

chinese bbq, mashed potatoes & parsnips,

fried spinach   12

Chilaquiles (it's a Mexican breakfast dish)

tortilla casserole with roast poblano, avocado,
guajillo salsa, cheese, baked eggs  

Rabbit Tacos   (tastes like chicken)

mild curry, mango, sour cream  12


Flourless Chocolate Cake  (rich, silky fudge)

amaretto mousse, smoked chocolate ice cream   9

Vanilla Lavender Creme Brulee  (crispy pudding)

liquor soaked berries, crispy wonton   9

Bread Pudding  (cinnabon on steroids)

toasted walnuts, butterscotch cream sauce   9